The Company

Tipy Town was established in 1976 as a small factory producing sweaters for the local market. Carlos Barros, its founder and owner, comes from a weavers family since 1960.

By the 80's, Tipy Town became the most important trademark in chilean market thanks to its quality, technology and design.

By the begginning of the nineties the company started with exportations markets, first to México and then to USA (Polo Ralph Lauren), Canada (Effessi, Deux par Deux, etc) and Argentina (Dior and Lacoste Group, Wrangler, Lee, etc).


Today we are focused mainly on our market, there are no companies left in Chile because of products comming from East.


About Ocean Division

On 2006 we create a new production line for the Mussel Industry, with circular machines withelectronic control in yarn feeders, web viewers, runs and stops that allow the best quality standards.


Our current production exceeds 250 ton per year and we supply the main industries in Chile such as CAMANCHACA, SUDMARIS, ORIZON,TORALLA, APIAO and others.


This year we started with exportations and great success to Brasil , Spain and looking forward to find other markets.