Tipy Town Group, started its operations in 1975 related to the textile and agricultural activity, becoming leaders in sweaters, exporting over 90% of its production, working for companies such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Grupo Dior, Brooks Brothers, among others. Being Canada, USA, Mexico and Argentina the main markets.

The irruption of Chinese production in the textile industry led us to reinvent ourselves and focus our cotton in other industries, orienting yarns towards the aquaculture and agriculture industry, where cotton was not considered a relevant raw material were today plays a key role in commercialization of products in the national and international markets.

We are pioneers on developing and crafting a container mesh for fruits and vegetables were its raw material is 100% made out of cotton, achieving a natural degradation.

We are an alternative for traditional plastic containers, aware that packaged materials and its indiscriminated usage are a source of environmental pollution. We must achieve a collective response and commitment to make prompt changes in our habits as a society.